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Accounting and Book-keeping Services
According to the Inland Revenue Department and Companies Ordinance 123 (1), companies should maintain and keep theirs accounting records in a good status.
Our company has the professional and experienced staffs to provide a full range of high quality accounting services.

Our services includes:

- book-keeping services on weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually basis

- preparing of annual and periodic account and financial reports

- designing accounting system and operation
Our Accounting Services Charges
Plan *monthly bank transaction Monthly Charge Quarterly Charge Annual Charge
A1 less than 50 HK$999 HK$2,388 HK$3,388
A2 51-100 HK$1,388 HK$2,888 HK$4,888
A3 101-150 HK$1,888 HK$3,388 HK$5,388
A4 151-200 HK$2,388 HK$3,888 HK$6,888
A5 201-250 HK$2,888 HK$4,388 HK$7,888
A6 251-300 HK$3,388 HK$5,888 HK$8,888
A7 Over 301 Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable
*All the services fee are for reference only** 


Bank Transaction includes

-     Bank payable, such as, payable cheque, interest, services charges, Remittance
-     Bank receivable, such as, cheque received, cash deposit, interest
-     other voucher, such as, cash, transfer
Services charge include the following services:
-      Computerized book-keeping
-      Vouching

-      Accounts Receivable

-      Accounts Payable
-      Production of monthly Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet
-     Completing and filing Profit Tax Return (for Sole Proprietor and Partner companies only)